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christian wolff Quotes

Christian Wolff Quotes

Birth Date: 1679-01-24 (Tuesday, January 24th, 1679)
Date of Death: 1754-04-09 (Tuesday, April 9th, 1754)



    • One day I said to myself that it would be better to get rid of all that--melody, rhythm, harmony, etc. This was not a negative thought and did not mean that it was necessary to avoid them, but rather that, while doing something else, they would appear spontaneously. We had to liberate ourselves from the direct and peremptory consequence of intention and effect, because the intention would always be our own and would be circumscribed, when so many other forces are evidently in action in the final effect.
    • Form is a theatrical event of a certain length, and the length itself may be unpredictable.
    • christian wolff

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