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werner von blomberg Quotes

Werner von Blomberg Quotes

Birth Date: 1878-09-02 (Monday, September 2nd, 1878)
Date of Death: 1946-03-14 (Thursday, March 14th, 1946)



    • Before 1938, the German generals were not opposed to Hitler because he produced the results they desired.
    • Keitel is nobody but the man who runs my office.
    • He became a willing tool in Hitler's hands for every one of his decisions.
    • Having been informed of events by Vice-Chancellor von Papen, President Hindenburg summoned General Goering, in his capacity of Chief of Police, and myself to Neudeck. Our instructions are to consult with you on the measures to be taken to ensure internal peace. If a complete relaxation of tension does not immediately take place (and to this end we must avoid any ministerial crisis), martial law will be proclaimed.
    • We Germans will never forget what the Soviet Army has accomplished for Germany during the past 10 years. I hope that in spite of all present existing difficulties our thanks will be expressed in deed. I drink a toast to the well-being and the future of the great and glorious Soviet Army and of loyal comradeship in arms for today and in the future.
    • While soldiers were winning victories, so-called labor leaders were engaged in high treason.
    • werner von blomberg

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