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vaslav nijinsky Quotes

Vaslav Nijinsky Quotes

Birth Date: 1890-03-12 (Wednesday, March 12th, 1890)
Date of Death: 1950-04-08 (Saturday, April 8th, 1950)



    • 'I merely leap and pause.'
    • 'I know everyone will say 'Nijinsky has gone mad', but I don't care because I have already played the mad man at home. That is what everyone will think, but they won't put me in an insane asylum because I dance very well and give money to anyone who asks. People like eccentrics, so they will leave me alone and say I'm a mad clown. I like the mentally ill because I know how to talk to them. When my brother was in an insane asylum, I loved him and he could feel me. His friends liked me. I was eighteen then. I understood the life of a mentally ill person.'
    • 'Nijinsky's life can be simply summed up: ten years of growth, ten years of learning, ten years of dancing, thirty years of darkness. Altogether some sixty years. How long he will live on in people's memories, we can only guess.'
    • vaslav nijinsky

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