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thomas warton Quotes

Thomas Warton Quotes

Birth Date: 1728-01-09 (Friday, January 9th, 1728)
Date of Death: 1790-05-21 (Friday, May 21st, 1790)



    • O! what's a table richly spread Without a woman at its head!
    • We are apt to form romantic and exaggerated notions about the moral innocence of our ancestors. Ages of ignorance and simplicity are thought to be ages of purity. The direct contrary, I believe, is the case...In the middle ages, not only the most flagrant violations of modesty were frequently practised and permitted, but the most infamous vices. Men are less ashamed as they are less polished.
    • Nor rough, nor barren, are the winding ways Of hoar antiquity, but strown with flowers.
    • All human race, from China to Peru, Pleasure, howe'er disguis'd by art, pursue.
    • thomas warton

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