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taylor horn Quotes

Taylor Horn Quotes

Birth Date: 1992-10-12 (Monday, October 12th, 1992)



    • On being compared to fellow Kentwoodian and singer Britney Spears.
    • The Sunday Star article, unidentified issue
    • On what she would probably do if she weren't performing.
    • From the documentary Britney's Redneck Roots. Quote from The Guardian, unidentified issue.
    • On becoming her own person as a professional musician.
    • Malvern Gaz article, unidentified issue
    • Horn on working with her now former vocal coach, Bob Westbrook
    • The Sunday Star article, unidentifed issue
    • It was signed, not stamped!
    • On receiving a letter from President Bush.
    • Kentwood News-Ledger article, unidentified issue.
    • Horn on visiting England for the first time to visit her penpal, Molly Gamble in England
    • Malvern Gaz article
    • On her gratitude of support from the natives of Kentwood, Louisiana, Horn's hometown.
    • From her official website
    • taylor horn

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