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simon amstell Quotes

Simon Amstell Quotes

Birth Date: 1979-11-29 (Thursday, November 29th, 1979)



    • You just threw cheese at Sam & Mark. Don't you think they've suffered enough?!
    • Come on, people, it's fucking Christmas!
    • From all of us here, whichever religion you are, remember, only one can be right, so...let's have a war! Happy Christmas!
    • Penny Smith: Spitting... it would never happen on GMTV. Simon Amstell: Nothing happens on GMTV.
    • Jordan's third favourite tit and second favourite twat - it's Peter Andre!
    • Simon Amstell: So Penny, you used to do a fashion column for the Daily Mail, didn't you? Penny Smith: Yes I've done many strange things in my time. Simon Amstell: So what does one wear to a lynching?
    • Donny Tourette: This is what I think of you. (fondles crotch) Simon Amstell: Really? You think me a, a small penis? Well I never.
    • (about Preston walking out) If people start turning their backs on comedy, and walking off panel shows, then the terrorists have won.
    • I like everything. You know everything? I like it. You know all books? I like them all.
    • (about Bonnie Tyler being slightly tipsy on Nevermind the Buzzcocks) 'Shall we pump her stomach? I don't know what to do!'
    • If you have some problem in your life and you need to deal with it then use religion it's fine. I use Google.
    • 'Love music. Love racism.'
    • Hello, 50 Cent here. People say my music is gratuitously violent and misogynistic - but what they don't realise is that I'm just talking about where I'm from. And where I'm from, everybody's a vile millionaire rapper and all woman are rubbish sluts.
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