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ron reagan Quotes

Ron Reagan Quotes

Birth Date: 1958-05-20 (Tuesday, May 20th, 1958)



    • I would be unelectable. I'm an atheist. As we all know, that is something people won't accept.
    • In private, you got what you got in public. He treated everyone the same. He was just a very warm man, and he worked hard to impress upon his children the value of kindness. He was biologically incapable of gossip. There was no smallness in him.
    • If you are going to call yourself a Christian-and I don't-then you have to ask yourself a fundamental question, and that is: Whom would Jesus torture? Whom would Jesus drag around on a dog's leash? How can Christians tolerate it? It is unconscionable. It has put our young men and women who are over there, fighting a war that they should not have been asked to fight- it has put them in greater danger.
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