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richard durbin Quotes

Richard Durbin Quotes

Birth Date: 1944-11-21 (Tuesday, November 21st, 1944)



    • The purpose of this closed session in the Senate chamber is to finally give the truth to at least the members of the Senate-to finally call to task the chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee.
    • For a year and a half, we've been waiting for phase two. You know there comes a point where we'll be in next year, it'll be too close to an election and this will once again just slip through our hands. I think we owe the American people some straight answers. We certainly owe the troops who are risking their lives every day straight answers.
    • It is within the power of the majority to close down the closed session. They can do it by majority vote to return to the legislative calendar. We're serving notice on them at this moment: Be prepared for this motion every day until you face the reality. The Senate Intelligence Committee has a responsibility.
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