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paul ludwig ewald von kleist Quotes

Paul Ludwig Ewald von Kleist Quotes

Birth Date: 1881-08-08 (Monday, August 8th, 1881)
Date of Death: 1954-11-13 (Saturday, November 13th, 1954)



    • Recently I was discharged from the German army while in this prison and was informed that I am on the so-called war criminal list number seven. I haven't the faintest idea of what war crime I could have committed. The main thing is that I have a clear conscience.
    • The Russians were five times superior to us poor but brace Germans, both in numbers and in the superiority of their equipment. My immediate commander was Hitler himself. Unfortunately, Hitler's advice in those critical periods was invariably lousy.
    • It is interesting but it was tragic. If you receive a military order you must obey. That is where the big difference between a military and a political order comes in. One can sabotage a political order but to disobey a military command is treason.
    • Ewald von Kleist was an officer and a gentleman in an era when such characteristics were liabilities.
    • paul ludwig ewald von kleist

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