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maurice chevalier Quotes

Maurice Chevalier Quotes

Birth Date: 1888-09-12 (Wednesday, September 12th, 1888)
Date of Death: 1972-01-01 (Saturday, January 1st, 1972)



    • Old age isn't so bad when you consider the alternative.
    • Many a man has fallen in love with a girl in a light so dim he would not have chosen a suit by it.
    • If you wait for the perfect moment when all is safe and assured, it may never arrive. Mountains will not be climbed, races won, or lasting happiness achieved
    • Please excuse me if I get an erection. Pardon me if I don't.
    • Love the public the way you love your mother.
    • An artist carries on throughout his life a mysterious, uninterrupted conversation with his public.
    • The cinema is rather like a beautiful woman whom you would court only by telephone.
    • maurice chevalier

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