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marguerite duras Quotes

Marguerite Duras Quotes

Birth Date: 1914-04-04 (Saturday, April 4th, 1914)
Date of Death: 1996-03-03 (Sunday, March 3rd, 1996)



    • It's afterwards you realize that the feeling of happiness you had with a man didn't neccesarily prove that you loved him.
    • It was the men I deceived the most that I loved the most.
    • I see journalists as the manual workers, the laborers of the word. Journalism can only be literature when it is passionate.
    • The best way to fill time is to waste it.
    • Paradoxically, the freedom of Paris is associated with a persistent belief that nothing ever changes. Paris, they say, is the city that changes least. After an absence of twenty or thirty years, one still recognizes it.
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