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lech walesa Quotes

Lech Walesa Quotes

Birth Date: 1943-09-29 (Wednesday, September 29th, 1943)


lech walesa life timeline

Lech Walesa leads strikes at Gdansk, Poland shipyards.Thursday, August 14th, 1980
Lech Walesa, a Solidarity leader, is released from a Polish prison after eleven months.Friday, November 12th, 1982
Lech Walesa, the leader of Poland s outlawed Solidarity movement, is released after eleven months of internment near the Soviet border.Sunday, November 14th, 1982
Lech Walesa becomes the first directly elected president of Poland.Sunday, December 9th, 1990


    • Nie chce, ale musze. (often written Nie chcem, ale muszem. to underline the accent)
    • Panu to ja moge co najwyzej noge podac
    • Jestem za, a nawet przeciw.
    • Sa plusy dodatnie i plusy ujemne
    • Takiego mamy prezydenta, na jakiego sobie zasluzylismy.
    • Without a single shot we managed to liberate the world from communism. ... but now there is a need for global solidarity.
    • We've had enough generals (an allusion to dictatorial ruler general Jaruzelski). What Poland needs most are the American generals: General Motors, General Electric, and General Dynamics.
    • The Polish Communists are just like radishes. They are only red on the outside'
    • Powinna byc lewa noga i prawa noga. A ja bede posrodku.
    • Gdyby w jeziorze byly ryby, wedkowanie nie mialoby sensu.
    • lech walesa

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