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john davidson Quotes

John Davidson Quotes

Birth Date: 1941-12-13 (Saturday, December 13th, 1941)



    • Business - the world's work - is the sale of lies: Not goods, but trade-marks; and still more and more In every branch becomes the sale of money.
    • One must become Fanatic - be a wedge - a thunder-bolt To smite a passage through the close-grained world.
    • Mere by-blows are the world and we, And time within eternity A sheer anachronism.
    • Farewell the hope that mocked, farewell despair That went before me still and made the pace. The earth is full of graves, and mine was there Before my life began; my resting-place.
    • Unwilling friend, let not your spite abate; Help me with scorn, and strengthen me with hate.
    • Seraphs and saints with one great voice Welcomed that soul that knew not fear. Amazed to find it could rejoice, Hell raised a hoarse, half-human cheer.
    • And the difficultest job a man can do, Is to come it brave and meek with thirty bob a week, And feel that that's the proper thing for you. It's a naked child against a hungry wolf; It's playing bowls upon a splitting wreck; It's walking on a string across a gulf With millstones fore-and-aft about your neck; But the thing is daily done by many and many a one. And we fall, face forward, fighting, on the deck.
    • john davidson

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