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james smith Quotes

James Smith Quotes

Date of Death: 1980-08-22 (Friday, August 22nd, 1980)


james smith life timeline

John Smith is elected council president of Jamestown, Virginia.Wednesday, September 10th, 1608
The Smithsonian Institution is chartered by the U.S. Congress after $500,000 was given for such a purpose by scientist James Smithson.Monday, August 10th, 1846
James Naismith introduces the first version of basketball, with thirteen rules, a peach basket nailed to either end of his school s gymnasium, and two teams of nine players.Tuesday, December 15th, 1891
James Naismith publishes the rules for basketball.Friday, January 15th, 1892


    • No Drury Lane for you to-day.
    • I saw them go: one horse was blind, The tails of both hung down behind, Their shoes were on their feet.
    • Lax in their gaiters, laxer in their gait.
    • james smith

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