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ivo andric Quotes

Ivo Andric Quotes

Birth Date: 1892-10-09 (Sunday, October 9th, 1892)
Date of Death: 1975-03-13 (Thursday, March 13th, 1975)



    • From everything that man erects and builds in his urge for living nothing is in my eyes better and more valuable than bridges. They are more important than houses, more sacred than shrines. Belonging to everyone and being equal to everyone, useful, always built with a sense, on the spot where most human needs are crossing, they are more durable than other buildings and they do not serve for anything secret or bad.
    • If people would know how little brain is ruling the world, they would die of fear.
    • One shouldn't be afraid of the humans. Well, I am not afraid of the humans, but of what is inhuman in them.
    • What can and doesn't have to be always, at the end, surrenders to something that has to be.
    • What doesn't hurt - is not life; what doesn't pass - is not happiness.
    • When I am not desperate, I am worthless.
    • ivo andric

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