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imran khan Quotes

Imran Khan Quotes

Birth Date: 1952-11-25 (Tuesday, November 25th, 1952)



    • I consider myself completely a practising Muslim. I can't say I've become an angel - I still have my weaknesses - but religion doesn't expect you to become an angel overnight. It shows you the direction in life... You know what is right and what is wrong, you know what is expected of you.
    • If your house is burning, wouldn't you try and put out the fire?
    • It's not a defeat that destroys you, it's being demoralised by defeat that destroys you.
    • People still laugh at me in politics, they think I won't make it; but I think I will, after Harold Wilson, I will be your next Chancellor to become Prime Minister.
    • I do not have any fears, no fear of dying, of failure, of anything; that means I am very dangerous for my opponents.
    • A Muslim is a Muslim: the terms extremist and moderate apply only to a man's political views, not to his religious beliefs
    • If you have political reform in the Islamic world, the spiritual reform would follow.
    • And faith for me begins with complete liberation. It liberates you, it drives away your fears - fear of dying, fear of losing your wealth, fear of humiliation - all of that disappears.
    • Without liberty I have nothing left to use except my body.
    • The only negative thing in Pakistan is not having a democracy.
    • When you have democracy, when you allow free debate, you get rid of fanaticism.
    • People tell me 'We agree with what you say and support you!,' but they are never to be found on the field. I need people who will join in our struggle and be found in the middle of it - not sit-at-home activists!
    • I went through a process of self-analysis and realised what I was supposed to do with my life. When you search for it, you find it. Too many people don't stop to search.
    • And when you have democracy and an open society and debate, automatically you will see the real [Islamic] scholars coming up.
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