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george clinton Quotes

George Clinton Quotes

Birth Date: 1940-07-22 (Monday, July 22nd, 1940)



    • What is soul? I don't know! Soul is a hamhock in your cornflakes... Soul is a joint rolled in toilet paper.
    • Without realising it, our frame of mind was caught up in ending the Vietnam War, which I think all of the Psychedelia was about
    • Style is whatever you want to do, if you can do it with confidence
    • It's as if what the system opposes, the kids are going to do it harder. Saying no is the greatest aphrodisiac there is...
    • Funk is the DNA oh hip hop, that's the way we're able to stay around - just by getting a little taste of Funk, you're going to be hooked
    • Free your mind, and the ass will follow
    • Sometimes we get so caught up in language, and 'this' word and 'that' word, that we lose site of the bigger problems in the world. At one time, the word 'Bitch' simply meant female dog. Now, it has a negative meaning. Many negative words in one time and/or culture are meaningless in another. We've got to stop wasting time fighting over nonsense. I'm still waiting for aliens to come
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