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edward moore Quotes

Edward Moore Quotes

Birth Date: 1712-03-22 (Tuesday, March 22nd, 1712)
Date of Death: 1757-03-01 (Tuesday, March 1st, 1757)



    • I am rich beyond the dreams of avarice.
    • 'T is now the summer of your youth. Time has not cropt the roses from your cheek, though sorrow long has washed them.
    • Can't I another's face commend, And to her virtues be a friend, But instantly your forehead lowers, As if her merit lessen'd yours?
    • The maid who modestly conceals Her beauties, while she hides, reveals; Give but a glimpse, and fancy draws Whate'er the Grecian Venus was.
    • But from the hoop's bewitching round, Her very shoe has power to wound.
    • Time still, as he flies, brings increase to her truth, And gives to her mind what he steals from her youth.
    • Labour for his pains.
    • edward moore

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