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edgar wallace Quotes

Edgar Wallace Quotes

Birth Date: 1875-04-01 (Thursday, April 1st, 1875)
Date of Death: 1932-02-10 (Wednesday, February 10th, 1932)



    • Her uncle drove a taxi which he had purchased on the 'never never' system. You pay $80 down and more than you can afford for the rest of your life.
    • The day Mr. Reeder arrived at the Public Prosecutors' Office was indeed a day of fate for Mr. Lambton Green, Branch manager of the London Scottish and Midland Bank.
    • What is a highbrow? He is a man who has found something more interesting than women.
    • Dreamin' of thee! Dreamin' of thee!
    • Twas Beauty that killed the beast!
    • edgar wallace

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