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archibald macleish Quotes

Archibald MacLeish Quotes

Birth Date: 1892-05-07 (Saturday, May 7th, 1892)
Date of Death: 1982-04-20 (Tuesday, April 20th, 1982)



    • It is not in the world of ideas that life is lived. Life is lived for better or worse in life, and to a man in life, his life can be no more absurd than it can be the opposite of absurd, whatever that opposite may be.
    • What is more important in a library than anything else - is the fact that it exists.
    • We are as great as our belief in human liberty - no greater. And our belief in human liberty is only ours when it is larger than ourselves.
    • Conventional wisdom notwithstanding, there is no reason either in football or in poetry why the two should not meet in a man's life if he has the weight and cares about the words.
    • The business of the law is to make sense of the confusion of what we call human life-to reduce it to order but at the same time to give it possibility, scope, even dignity.
    • archibald macleish

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