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trinny woodall Quotes

Trinny Woodall Quotes

Birth Date: 1964-02-08 (Saturday, February 8th, 1964)



    • I don't think our show's actually rude.
    • I felt so unbelievably ugly for years. It was hideous. It affected my selfworth, everything. It was the bane of my life from 13 to 29. I grew my hair long just so I could cover my face. I tried everything, saw everyone, had years of antibiotics and nothing helped. Then, when I was 29, I was at the end of my tether. I went on Accutane, which is very strong. Your sebaceous glands dry up, you can't exercise, and you have very dry lips. But it was a miracle and it worked.
    • I'd had enough. I felt so low: I was 26 and there was an exact moment when I just knew I didn't want to do it any more. I was out with two very good friends of mine, who are now dead. They both died of alcoholism. It was about 3am and I thought: 'I don't want this. I have to stop.' I'd felt that before, a hundred times, but I woke up next morning and I still didn't want to do it. And that was the first time in ten years I'd had that strength of feeling.
    • Having an interest in clothes is a sign of vanity and English men don't like to be seen to be vain. That's what is so fantastic about this format, it gives men permission to take an interest in clothes and their appearance. And as a result their self-esteem goes up.
    • I think it's great that it's caused a reaction. But at the same time I think the people who are criticising us haven't really watched the show. We are not claiming to be marriage guidance people, or anything.
    • As for the people who say tackling problems through clothes is superficial, I think they say that because they have their own issues about self worth.
    • 'If you ask any of the women we've worked with, some of them would say it's a very tough journey, but I don't think any of them would say we'd been patronising.
    • I've been nine stone for 20 years, I always eat what I want, it's not an issue for me. But it pisses me off - because if people did decide that I starved myself, it would have a direct consequence on what we advocate!
    • The mantra is forget your size discover your shape and transform yourself.
    • They're really designed so that our black coat will give you a waist, our trousers will hide your saddle bags, our cashmere makes your tits look great.
    • I'm happy with my shape. It's getting to a stage of acceptance and understanding how to dress to reproportion yourself.
    • As quoted in 'Scots Are So Stylish.. And Ewan Mcgregor Looks Fab In A Kilt' by Maria Croce in The Daily Record (19 September 2007)
    • If you want to make the best of yourself you don't necessarily need to diet - you need to wear the right stuff.
    • We absolutely love women, we are passionate about what we do and we get great results. Women see that our rules are manageable and make a real difference. I don't think we are being bossy, no one is forced to follow the rules.
    • The problem is that women try to dress like celebrities whose shape they just don't have. When you emulate someone else's dress sense with a different body shape it just doesn't work. And when you look bad, your confidence dips. Our advice is to go shopping armed with our body shape rules.
    • You have got to stop seeing yourself as a victim, take control and take responsibility.
    • I'm calm on the outside and a flood inside.
    • Susannah and I have always felt that the psychology of clothing does make people change a mind-set, so if we use that and we help someone feel more confident about themselves and build them up that's great.
    • If you ask anyone why they are driven, it's not just money, it's not just a need to prove themselves, it's a combination of things, and for us if we can get women to look at themselves in terms of shape, not size, if Suze and I achieve that as our little gravestone thing, then that would be a fucking big achievement.
    • Secretly, I like her brutality. I like it much better when she bitches than when she's tactful.
    • Trinny Woodall, one of the upper-crusty and scathingly blunt hosts of What Not to Wear, a hugely popular fashion makeover show on the BBC, does not mince words.
    • David Colman in 'Possessed; A Ring as Blunt as Her Advice' in The New York Times (6 July 2003)
    • Trinny Woodall knows everyone in Belgravia who earns more than ?10 million a year so she got on the phone and the rest of us just went to the pub, it was great!
    • Trinny is definitely a hoarder. Her shoe cupboard is open and I lose count when I reach 78.
    • Trinny is on the wrong side of skinny, but not anorexic, one of those people who burn calories because they never sit down.
    • Trinny Woodall is a prime-time star, but is proper posh with mighty connections, as demonstrated by the six-figure sums she blagged from richer friends on Comic Relief does the Apprentice.
    • Trinny and Susannah are what they are - there's no fakery.
    • The thing with Trinny is that she comes across as cold and aloof, but in fact she is the kindest woman I have ever met. She has a heart of gold. All these things - the books, TV programmes, interviews - they are not about the money. They are about wanting to help women with their insecurities. The steeliness people see in her is really a cover for her chronic shyness, believe me.
    • Woodall's husband, Johnny Elichaoff, as quoted in 'Dame Anita stays green until the last' (It's not easy being mean...) in The Daily Mail (24 September 2007)
    • trinny woodall

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