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thomas sturge moore Quotes

Thomas Sturge Moore Quotes

Birth Date: 1870-03-04 (Friday, March 4th, 1870)
Date of Death: 1944-07-18 (Tuesday, July 18th, 1944)



    • Then, cleaving the grass, gazelles appear (The gentler dolphins of kindlier waves) With sensitive heads alert of ear; Frail crowds that a delicate hearing saves.
    • For milkmaids and queens and gipsy-princesses Dream and kiss blindfold or starve upon guesses.
    • Break free, my soul, good manners are thy tomb!
    • 'Shells with lip, or tooth, or bleeding gum, Tell-tale shells, and shells that whisper 'Come', Shells that stammer, blush, and yet are dumb - ' 'O let me hear!'
    • In my opinion Mr. Moore is a greater poet than Mr. Yeats. He has lived obscurely, and has not displayed Mr. Yeats's talent for self-dramatization; for these reasons and others he has never become a public figure or a popular writer.
    • A sheep in sheep's clothing.
    • thomas sturge moore

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