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peter benenson Quotes

Peter Benenson Quotes

Birth Date: 1921-07-31 (Sunday, July 31st, 1921)
Date of Death: 2005-02-25 (Friday, February 25th, 2005)


peter benenson life timeline

Peter Benenson s article "The Forgotten Prisoners" is published in several internationally read newspapers. This will later be thought of as the founding of the human rights organization Amnesty International.Sunday, May 28th, 1961


    • On 28 May 1961 I wrote an article in The Observer newspaper which gave birth to Amnesty International. It began with these words: 'Open your newspaper any day of the week and you will find a report from somewhere in the world of someone being imprisoned, tortured or executed because his opinions or religion are unacceptable to his government ... The newspaper reader feels a sickening sense of impotence. Yet if these feelings of disgust could be united into common action, something effective could be done.'
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