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constantine maroulis Quotes

Constantine Maroulis Quotes

Birth Date: 1975-09-17 (Wednesday, September 17th, 1975)



    • As a professor used to say to me, it's life or death out there so make it happen.'
    • Cheese is the new cool.
    • Complexity is best expressed through simplicity.
    • I am obviously different from people in the past. I am, obviously, older and I have been in the music business for a little while as an actor, a singer and whatnot. Hopefully, I bring a
    • I didn't join AI thinking I would make many friends. I was very business-like. I went to the audition as I would go to a job interview. I was jobless. I didn't have my own place. [But] I ended up making incredible new friends that I'll have forever.
    • I think I'm a singer first. I became a singer first. I was always sort of acting, but in order to sing more I got into acting because there were musicals and different performances and stuff. But then I fell in love with the craft of acting altogether.
    • I'm a nice Greek boy.
    • I'm gonna keep rockin'. Crazier things have happened in my life, and I'm just really blessed to have gotten this far.
    • I've been around quite a lot. For me, competing on Idol is just like another day at the office. But I'm not getting any younger and this is just an awesome opportunity.
    • Let's rock this thing.
    • (about Paula Abdul) She's just a wonderful woman. She has so much support and so much love in her heart - she's just been amazing through this whole thing, and we can't forget she's a rock star. She was a huge rock star. She has so much to offer us and teach us that we just need to shut up and listen, because she's the bomb.
    • The coolest place I've traveled to is Japan. I performed on tour there. We visited Tokyo and Osaka. It was unreal. I was a total tourist. I went on several bus tours. It is an amazing place. I've also traveled to Ireland, Holland, and Greece.
    • To be able to be put in front of a huge audience like this, to be able to sing some of the greatest songs in the American songbook ever written by the greatest lyricists, with great melodies-- as long as you stay true to yourself and you're honest about the work, how can that be a bad thing?
    • Yes, I've embraced the fact that I am a dork.
    • You're so exposed in acting--it's so dangerous, it's so sexy.
    • (How do you handle women swooning over you?) I don't have much luck with women. But I'd like to just concentrate on my work. Hopefully, I'd meet somebody I could fall in love with and have a family with.
    • (How about men swooning over you?) Well, I'm flattered that anyone likes me and what I do-as long as they dig my music, too. I've been involved in theater so I'm used to [various] sexual orientations. I'm very comfortable with everybody. I also grew up with a very culturally diverse family, with my parents being Greek Orthodox. I'm cool with everyone.
    • I don't own an iPod. I don't have the patience for it. I think they're cool, but I'm sort of technologically challenged.
    • constantine maroulis

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