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cecil day lewis Quotes

Cecil Day Lewis Quotes



    • Is it birthday weather for you, dear soul? Is it fine your way
    • It's hard to believe a spirit could die Of such generous glow
    • Put out the lights now! Look at the Tree, the rough tree dazzled In oriole plumes of flame, Tinselled with twinkling frost fire, tasselled With stars and moons
    • So feast your eyes now On mimic star and moon-cold bauble: Worlds may wither unseen, But the Christmas Tree is a tree of fable, A phoenix in evergreen
    • Who will say farewell? The beating bell. Will anyone miss me? That I dare not tell - Quick, Rose, and kiss me.
    • Tempt me no more, for I Have known the lightning's hour, The poet's inward pride, The certainty of power.
    • I have had worse partings, but none that so Gnaws at my mind still.
    • They who in folly or mere greed Enslaved religion, markets, laws, Borrow our language now and bid Us to speak up in freedom's cause.
    • It is the logic of our times, No subject for immortal verse- That we who lived by honest dreams Defend the bad against the worse.
    • Nigel's six feet sprawled all over the place; his gestures were nervous and little uncouth; a lock of sandy coloured hair dropping over his forehead, and the deceptive naivete of his face in repose gave him a resemblance to an overgrown prep. schoolboy. His eyes were the same blue as his uncle's, but shortsighted and noncommittal. Yet there was an underlying similarity between the two. A latent, sardonic humor in their conversation, a friendliness and simple generosity in their smiles, and that impression of energy in reserve which is always given by those who possess an abundance of life directed towards consciously-realised aims.
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