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an wang Quotes

An Wang Quotes

Birth Date: 1920-02-07 (Saturday, February 7th, 1920)
Date of Death: 1990-03-24 (Saturday, March 24th, 1990)


an wang life timeline

Kwang-su becomes emperor of China.Tuesday, January 12th, 1875
The Downtown Athletic Club Trophy, later renamed the Heisman Trophy, was given to halfback Jay Berwanger of the University of Chicago. This award was given to the best college football player east the Mississippi River.Tuesday, December 10th, 1935
Sino-Japanese War: Japan declares Nanking to be the capital of a new Chinese puppet government, nominally controlled by Wang Ching-wei.Saturday, March 30th, 1940
Gwangju Massacre: Students in Gwangju, South Korea begin demonstrations, calling for democratic reforms.Sunday, May 18th, 1980
The Gwangju Massacre: Airborne and army troops of South Korea retake the city of Gwangju from civil militias, killing at least 207 and possibly many more.Tuesday, May 27th, 1980
Wang Laboratories files for bankruptcy.Tuesday, August 18th, 1992
Hwang Jang-yop, secretary in the Workers Party of Korea and a prime architect of North Korea s Juche doctrine, defects at the South Korean embassy in Beijing along with his aide, Kim Dok-hong.Wednesday, February 12th, 1997
North Korea reportedly launches Kwangmyongsong, its first satellite.Monday, August 31st, 1998
The state of Gojoseon (Modern-day Korea) founded by Dangun Wanggeom during the reign of the Chinese Emperor Yao.Tuesday, October 3rd, 2333


    • Success is more a function of consistent common sense than it is of genius.
    • an wang

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